Box Of 4 Cookies

Box Of 4 Cookies


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Today’s cookie drop πŸ”₯- 1 PM EST
Be sure to get your flavors ready before they hit live because you may just miss it πŸ€«πŸ’ž Today’s flavor- 10 flavor drop w. Description

Lucky Charm Treasure – experience in one of your favorite childhood cereal formed into a cookie. It’s filled and infused with the favorite part of lucky charms. ✨- those amazing colorful stars.

Classic Chocolate Chip- our classic Chocolate chip dough 🀐- actually words can’t do justice to this one. You need to try this one for yourself πŸ˜‰ to understand what heaven is.

Brownie Cookie Butter- this cookie butter is our very own cookies made into cookie butter and then stuffed within our double chocolate cookies to allow you to experience magic from both the FLavors πŸ”₯

Double Chocolate Death- it’s called death for a reason – this double 🍫 chocolate is so good you will take a stroll down to heaven and come back to Earth πŸ˜‡

Double Chocolate PB- double chocolate filled and infused with Reese’s peanut chips throughout the cookie dough batter to experience a true Chocolate Pb experience

Molten Chocolate PB- double chocolate filled with delicious chocolate peanut butter. It’s so smooth and silky. A perfect combination of both the flavors meeting together.

Princess Snickerdoodle- our edible Snickerdoodle dough mixed with vanilla chips to experience a cookie which there are no words to explain it’s magical feelings. You will feel like a princess once it touches your taste buds πŸ’ž

Toasted Chocolate chip m&m’s concoction πŸ˜πŸ’ž- this infusion will allow you to indulge yourselves in milk chocolate m&m goodness with the ultra gooey chocolate chip cookie dough in each and every bite

PB explosion πŸ₯œ- our classic Peanut butter dough stuffed with our secret gooey PB dough and added spoonful peanut butter concoction to experience a peanut butter coma

Cookies & cream stuffed brownie – indulge and experience our decadent cookies & cream cookie dough within a double chocolate brownie cookie πŸ˜‹πŸ”₯

And more –
All cookies will be available until sold out. Grab yours before you miss out. Please note. If your having issues during checkout.let us know right away. Once they are sold out- you will need to wait until the next drop πŸ”₯

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